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Looking For a High Paying Career? Truck Driver’s Salaries May Surprise You!

Looking For a High Paying Career? Truck Driver’s Salaries May Surprise You!

Fed up of working the 09:00-17:00 lifestyle? Looking for a new career path that could make you well over $100,000 a year? A career in Truck driving might be in your future! We can’t help you if you’re seeking status as a rocket scientist, but by performing a simple internet search below, Top10trends can show you how making up to $200,000 a year is possible if your ready and able to commit driving a truck across America.

Have you been toying with the idea of making a career change? Or are you currently a truck driver looking for ways to increase your monthly salary? If your answer is a decisive YES, you might be wondering what the highest paying trucking jobs are, and is a career in truck driving right for you!


What is the highest paying truck driving job?

The highest paying truck driving salaries range from $150,000 to $200,000 in America, and in some cases even much more. Truck drivers who have made certain investments in their truck driving careers and who fall in to two larger categories can gain the glorious benefits of higher pay rates and salaries.

The highest potential in terms of rates is for drivers that operate their own truck and do not work for a company, as they can negotiate their own rate for moving freight.

Owner Operators can easily make $150,000 to $200,000 and upwards per year. However, since these drivers are running their own vehicles, they need to take into account their overhead. Their business comes with expenses. And that is an important distinction, because the truck needs maintenance for their business to run effectively.

On the other hand, you have experienced company Drivers that can demand a higher pay rate and better runs. Drivers that have “Hazmat & Tanker Endorsements with Flatbed Experience are able to haul different types of freight across America, which can be a huge advantage and therefore a much higher pay. That freight typically pays the company they work for considerably more, and thus, allowing the company to pay the driver a higher rate. However, a driver that has “Hazmat & Tanker Endorsements would need to negotiates his rate well before he takes the job, because once you commit, the companies will have you on a specific cents per mile ratio regardless of what you’re hauling.

So regardless if your buying your own Truck and becoming an owner operator or getting endorsements, anyone investing enough time and energy in their career as a truck driver can move up the ranks and up in a yearly salary.

The pros and the cons of becoming a truck driver in America

Pro: It’s relatively easy to start in terms of getting a job. Unlike many industries and career paths, becoming a truck driver does not require one to have any qualifications or experience to get started. When you are ready to take the plunge and commit, all you need is a commercial driver’s license and a quick, 2-3 week course to learn the basics.


Cons:  The daily habits of truck driving can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle . Driving on the highway all day limits your food options and most drivers usually route to quick drive-thrus to get a bite to eat. It could be tempting to pull off the highway when you see a McDonald’s, but fast-food leads to a poor diet. If you’re a new trucker you should keep this in mind. When you’re on the road, look for more nutritious options and pack healthy snacks ahead of time.

Pro: Gain your independence, without a boss looking over your every move. Without coworkers to distract you or a boss looking over your shoulder, the life of a truck driver is quite independent and flexible. You are in control over your breaks, what music you listen too, and what you wear to work every day.

Cons: Some regard this as a pro, most would agree that driving solo can be lonely. You don’t usually have coworkers with whom to talk too when on the road, or grab drinks after work. For some, this may not be an issue, but for others, it may become lonely at times.

Still not sure if trucking is right for you?

With recent high demands on truck drivers, there has never been a better time to apply with these companies. You can start working on your hiring bonus right away, hit the road, and make start making a lot of money. All it takes to get started is to apply for one of the many  truck driver job openings that are currently available! Start by searching on the internet below.

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January 3, 2023

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